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Assessment Magazine学习报
  • 《新朋友》《新天地》《新列车》服务于新加坡华文教育事业超过30年。
  • 《新朋友》专为新加坡小学一、二年级学生编写。
  • 《新天地》专为新加坡小学三、四年级学生编写。
  • 《新列车》专为新加坡小学五、六年级学生编写。
  • 练习报主要特性:
  • 双周出版,两周1期,全年20期,A4大小、白色书纸、全彩印刷。
  • 根据教育部最新教学大纲、考题指引、配合小学华文/ 高级华文课本编写,包含全年课本单元。
  • 课文同步学习、课后辅导练习,口试、听力、作文、阅读理解语文技能训练,语文应用强化并重。
  • 配合小学公民与道德课本,编写富趣味性、启发性、教育性的品德教育阅读故事。
  • 附印高科技点读编码,配合“易笔通”学习笔,随时随地,随点随读。真人朗读配音,帮助学生掌握正确发音,培养良好的语感,全方位提升听、说、读等语言学习与应用能力,使华文学习更方便、更有效率。
  • 与《易 • 华文》动画电子版配合出版,传统学习与动画多媒体互动教学相结合。满足老师ICT辅助教学、配合学校Home-Based Learning教学需要。帮助学生更有效在家自主学习,提升学习能力、提高学习成绩。
  • 'NEW FRIENDS' 'NEW WORLD' 'NEW EXPRESS' syllabus-aligned assessment magazines have been published in Singapore for more than 30 years. The magazines followed closely on the Chinese language teaching and learning needs of Singapore primary schools, the contents are written in accordance to the latest Chinese language syllabus, and the textbook units vocabulary and language assessment.
    These publications are rich and diverse in content. They are suitable for revision of textbook vocabulary, language assessment, as well as language skills enhancement according to examination requirement, provide teachers and students with the most suitable supplementary teaching and learning materials for school and home-based learning. They help students to learn more effectively at home, improve their learning ability and academic performance.
  • 'NEW FRIENDS' Best for Singapore Preschool, Primary 1 & 2 levels.
  • 'NEW WORLD' Best for Singapore Primary 3 & 4 levels; HSK Level 3 and 4.
  • 'NEW EXPRESS' Best for Singapore Primary 5 & 6 levels; HSK Level 5 and 6.
  • Features of Assessment Magazines
  • Full year 20 Issues, published fortnightly. A4 size, full color printing, white Woodfree paper.
  • 3 different sets cater for Primary 1/2, Primary 3/4 and Primary 5/6.
  • Contents are written in accordance to MOE syllabus and examination requirements.
  • Supplementary reading materials based on the vocabulary from textbook.
  • Include syllabus passages and assessment and other language skills exercises.
  • Oral passages, Oral pictures, Listening Comprehension, Composition practices.
  • Embedded with audio reading code, can be used with EtutorStar Learning Pen for instant audio.
  • Use in conjunction with eChinese Animated Magazine, experience multimedia interactive reading experience.
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