For school collective subscriber, please login with 2021 Ezhishi account in home page for full access to subscribed content(s). If your 2021 account has not been activated, please login with your 2020 account which might be extended till 30/01/2021, except some schools with special arrangement.
2021年起,居家学习成为学校课程的一部分,以进一步培养学生自主学习能力。 配合学校居家学习课程需要,帮助学生更好熟悉和适应居家自主学习,知识网在一月份开学期间,免费为学生提供居家学习体验活动。
From year 2021, Home-Based Learning (HBL) will be included in the school curriculum and to be conducted on a regular basis throughout the school year to inculcate the practice of self-directed learning. To help students to be familiar with and adapt to Home-Based Learning, eZhishi Portal provides students with Free Trial for the month of January 2021.
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