Reading Magazine阅读报
Assessment Magazine学习报
  • 《知识报》创刊于1965年,几十年如一日,陪伴着一代又一代新加坡孩子的成长。
  • 《好朋友》适合新加坡学前及小学一、二年级,汉语水平考试(HSK)一、二级程度。
  • 《知识画报》适合新加坡小学三、四年级,汉语水平考试(HSK)三、四级程度。
  • 《知识报》适合新加坡小学五、六年级,汉语水平考试(HSK)五、六级程度。
  • 阅读报主要特性:
  • 双周出版,两周1期,全年 20 期。
  • 内容丰富、题材多样,阅读性、学习性、知识性、趣味性并重。
  • 插图精美、形式新颖活泼,内容妙趣横生,轻松有趣的阅读体验。
  • 融入口试、听力、作文、理解等语文技能训练环节,让学生在阅读中掌握“听、说、读、写”语文技能。
  • 针对阅读篇章编写的阅读活动,互动游戏,帮助学生加深对内容的理解,提升语文应用能力。
  • 附印有声点读编码,配合易笔通学习笔,故事和阅读理解篇章随点随读,有声阅读。
  • 配合《知识 • 悦读》互动电子周刊,多媒体互动阅读,全新阅读体验,最佳阅读学习效果。
  • Established in Singapore in 1965, Chee Sze Poh Press has been actively involved in the Singapore educational sector since then. The company promising history is well recognized by generations of Singaporeans who have been accompanied since its existence during their growth.
    'HAO PENG YOU' 'ZHI SHI HUA BAO' 'ZHI SHI BAO' Reading Magazines, have diversified and interesting content, while meeting curriculum learning needs. The magazines educate, entertain and motivate young readers, and help to enlarge their understanding of the world around them.
  • 'Hao Peng You' Best for Singapore Preschool, Primary 1 & 2 levels; HSK Level 1 and 2.
  • 'Zhi Shi Hua Bao' Best for Singapore Primary 3 & 4 levels; HSK Level 3 and 4.
  • 'Zhi Shi Bao' Best for Singapore Primary 5 & 6 levels; HSK Level 5 and 6.
  • Features of Reading Magazine
  • Bi-weekly publication, full year 20 issues.
  • Diversified and interesting reading content, meeting curriculum learning needs.
  • Exquisite illustrations, Vivid and colourful illustration, great reading experience.
  • Integrate language skills training such as oral, listening, writing, and comprehension.
  • Enhance all round language skills and ability with post-reading activities.
  • Embedded with audio reading code, can be used with EtutorStar Learning Pen for instant audio.
  • Use in conjunction with Zhishi.Funland, experience multimedia interactive reading experience.
We thank you for your support. We will continue to strive to cultivate reading habit and interest among children, and accompanying children to grow up happily.
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