eExercise 网上练习
eTest 网上测验
Etutor eAssessment is an Electronic Question Bank with great capactity of assessment exercises and examination questions for Chinese and Higher Chinese levels. It is written based on the Singapore MOE latest curriculum.Thousands of questions are grouped in "Lesson Unit" and "Itemized Exercise" format. It is equipped with e-learning functions such as Automatic Marking, Grading and Time Counter. Students, parents and teachers could track learning records anytime.Weaker areas could be easily determined and weak area could be trengthened to achieve results improvement.

Main Features

  • Question Bank with several thousand of question sets for Singapore Primary School.
  • Contents suitable for P1 to P6. Questions are grouped into Chinese and Higher Chinese.
  • Contents are written in accordance to MOE syllabus and PSLE examination requirements.
  • Access to wide range of e-exercises and tests' contents accordance to school text syllabus and exam requirement.
  • "Itemized Exercise" Questions – strengthen students’ weaker areas.
  • Automatic marking, gradingand Time Counter feature for all e-exercises and e-tests contents– understand the students’ learning pace, answering speed, and exam adaptation.
  • Teachers can release E-assignment, and manage student online assignments and exercises records.
  • Time and Date stamping for every exercise completed, ease teachers, parents and students to track performance and learning records.
  • Fast and efficient method to evaluate student’s language proficiency.
  • Support PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet and smart phones.
  • Internet Based, students can access anywhere anytime, and practise unlimited exercises and tests.
  • Support School Home-Based Learning Programme.
  • 根据新加坡小学教学大纲编制的大容量题库。
  • 分年级编写——小一至小六,包含普通华文与高级华文两套题目。
  • 分单元编写——根据最新小学华文课本分单元编写。包括全年课文单元内容。
  • 分项目编写——练习项目根据最新PSLE题型及传统华文练习项目编写。
  • 自主选择练习项目,学生可以针对较弱的项目进行强化练习。
  • 电脑自动批改、评分、计时功能——帮助学生了解做题速度,适应考试环境。
  • 附电子作业发布与管理系统,老师可以根据教学进度、练习或测验需要自主发布电子作业给班级或全年级的学生,同时方便管理学生的电子作业提交及答题情况,并作成绩统计。
  • 练习、测验成绩记录功能——学生、家长或老师可以随时查询学生练习记录,针对较弱的项目做有针对性的强化练习,帮助提高学习成绩。

    1. eAssignment

    Teachers can create customized test, assessments or worksheets accordingly to fit individual class or student’s ability.

  • Publishing tool: Simple and effective template to assist worksheet creation and dissemination. It can print directly from the network or automatically released to the designated or the entire class of students.
  • eAssignment submission: Students will receive the eAssignment's once log on into the system. Students complete the eAssignment online and receive real-time auto-marking for MCQ questions, the results will be updated to teacher-in-charge teaching and management platform.
  • Management operations: Management system enables teachers to do tracking and monitoring of individual pupil and class usage and performance. Teachers can retrieve statistical analysis in a single test, banding information, percentage score, duration taken by students, etc. A detailed result report analysis allows teachers to provide instant remedial actions. The teachers through the Learning Management system may clearly understand the performance of his/her pupils on that particular eAssignment.
  • 2. eExercise

  • E-practices and E-drilling questions synchronized with syllabus, students can do exercises as according to their own pace and time.
  • Automatic marking and grading feature for all e-exercises and e-tests contents
  • 24/7 online access, no time restriction, unlimited practices and drilling.
  • 3. eTest

  • Auto generated test papers synchronized with the latest school examination and PSLE examination format.
  • Enable student to experience real time examination at their own time and pace.
  • Teachers and parents may monitor the progress and performance of students easily.